kalizea — Maize processing

As a specialist provider of semolina maize for the food industry, Kalizea relies on 
the expertise of its teams in France, Poland and Romania to support its customers 
through the complexities of today's raw materials supply issues.


Despite the unprecedented circumstances of the pandemic, the commitment shown by the teams at Kalizea enabled the company to increase its volumes and revenue by 4% year-on-year. Low availability of semolina maize impacted prices, and therefore margins.

Its mills in Poland and Romania made further progress towards operational excellence during the year. As part of expanding its product range and customer portfolio, the Romanian site installed a new semolina line during the year, which is currently in the startup phase. Positive sales growth meant that production also switched to working in 3 shifts of 8 hours at the beginning of 2021.

As part of its policy of sourcing only sustainably grown maize, Kalizea continues to support its partner growers in making further progress towards sustainable farming practices, enabling it to obtain SAI certification in September 2021. 

Safety is a constant priority. As part of the CARE initiative, the company’s Pringy site in France, which also includes other VIVESCIA Group subsidiaries (Malteurop and the Cooperative), has conducted a review of its emergency response plans, resulting in a number of changes that include a joint working group involving all three companies, knowledge and experience sharing and the pooling of skills and equipment. The 200-page document produced by the working group will be continually updated and provides an impressive example of how collective intelligence can help to keep everyone safe.

Grits and semolina maize: Ingredients & applications